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Year Started at JMU: 1968
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Research Description

Although inactive, my primary research interest is translational control of early embryonic development. Unfertilized eggs have all the components needed to synthesize proteins, yet they do so at a barely detectable rate. Upon fertilization or artificial activation, the zygotes begin producing developmentally significant proteins at a very high rate. The fundamental question I have sought to answer concerns why unfertilized eggs fail to use their vast protein synthetic machinery.

  • BIO 114: Organisms Lab
  • BIO 270:Human Physiology
  • GSCI 104: Scientific Perspectives

Office Hours

  • PhD in Biochemistry & cellular Physiology, 1973, University of Massachusetts Amerherst
  • MA in Biology, 1967, Wake Forest University
  • BS in Biology, 1965, Mars Hill College

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