The Bloss lab works with Caenorhabditis elegans (C. elegans) in order to study the apoptotic pathway during development. Currently, the Bloss lab is inducing stress on the embryonic cells by RNA interference using a vector to knock down the Beta subunit of the Nascent Polypeptide Associated Complex (B-NAC). My project this summer was to study the effects of the B-NAC RNAi in respect to the cell lineages of C. elegans. This summer I studied the neuronal, gut, and hypodermal cell lineages within the organism. Thus far, we have seen that the effects of the RNAi effects differ between the cell lineage. The neuronal cells seem to be the most effected by the RNAi and therefore have shown the most corpses in the neuronal region. The gut and hypo dermal cells seem to have a wild type effect and do not seem to have corpses localizing to their regions but, we are still investigating these effects in order to draw more conclusions from the data. Within this next semester, I will be continuing to work on this project as well as building more data with other C. elegans mutants that other students within the Bloss lab work with. 

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