Thesis title: Ecological selection on color variation in the Hawaiian damselfly Megalagrion calliphya

I am a graduate student studying evolutionary biology Dr. Cooper's lab. My thesis research is on ecological selection pressures which may lead to female-limited and sexual dimorphism in the Hawaiian damselfly Megalagrion calliphya, which means that I spend summers doing field work in Hawaii and the rest of the year analyzing data and writing here at JMU. I came to JMU after getting a BA in Biology from Swarthmore College.

Advisor: Dr. Idelle Cooper
Start date: August 2015
Expected Graduation Date: August 2017

Presentations: Repeatability and Fitness Consequences of Social Network Position, LVEES 2015

Awards: LVEES 2015 Best Undergraduate Talk, Leo M. Leva Memorial Prize, Phi Beta Kappa

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