Who are we?  

Jeanne Horst, Faculty Lead    

Jemma King, Graduate Assistant & Student Lead

Paula Melester, Administrative & Operational Support  

 What do we do?  

The purpose of the Professional Development team is to support the CARS vision and strategic goals by offering assessment-related professional development opportunities for JMU faculty and staff. 

CARS Vision:  To improve higher education by inspiring and empowering faculty and staff to make evidence-based decision to enhance student learning and development. 

Strategic Goal #1:  Faculty and staff value assessment as an effective means by which to make evidence-based decisions about student learning and development. 

Strategic Goal #2:  Faculty and staff have the knowledge, confidence, and skills to conduct assessment, in order to make evidence-based decisions. 


How do we do it?  

Assessment Skills Framework 

High-quality professional development opportunities are necessary for building campus-wide assessment capacity. Because of the diverse skills required to do high quality assessment, the JMU CARS Professional Development team aligns programming to a set of assessment-related knowledge, skills, and attitudes. These skills are outlined in the Assessment Skills Framework, which provides a broad array of learning objectives that are useful in planning professional development opportunities and setting personal professional development goals. The framework is available on the RPA website at  http://www.rpajournal.com/ 

Horst, S. J., & Prendergast, C. O. (in press). The Assessment Skills Framework: A taxonomy of assessment knowledge, skills and attitudes. Research & Practice in Assessment.  

Learn more about our professional development programs and how they align with the Assessment Skills Framework here.

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