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Evelyn attended Auburn University's Architecture School, then Southern California Institute of Architecture for her Master’s in Architecture, and subsequently taught for eight years at University of Virginia's School of Architecture. She co-founded Tickle:Kitchin Design and Fabrication, winning the Rome Prize in Architecture for her innovative work. She spent a year at The American Academy in Rome, and her concrete creations were shown at the Academy and at Rome's Modern Museum of Art. She returned to Virginia to co-found another company (2002-2008), Pretty Hard Fine Concrete, a successful entrepreneurial business making concrete architectural wall panels, basins, fireplaces, bars, furniture for commercial and residential clients locally and nationally. 

Example of Evelyn Tickle's concrete work with sinks
Example of Evelyn Tickle's Concrete Work with Bike Imprint

In 2008, Evelyn became inspired by biomimicry, and began a solo study of the concrete-like secretions of oyster reefs. Her experiments resulted in her proprietary CaC02 Concrete, a shell-less formulation chemically similar to oyster shells that she then used to invent a small tiles and cones that imitate the substrate of reefs. Concrete Reef Restoration Tiles (CORRT) can be used to start new oyster reefs or fill in gaps in deteriorating ones, for production as well as for scientific research. Evelyn recently launched Grow Oyster Reefs llc to produce these tiles, disks and CaCo3Concrete to be used in oyster farming, scientific research and oyster reef restoration work worldwide. 

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