Intentionally choosing Exploratory as your pathway at JMU allows individuals to take courses from a variety of areas across campus with the goal of finding their best fit major. Exploratory Advising supports and guides students in the process of finding a major, helping students thoughtfully explore their interests, goals and career aspirations through a variety of resources.

Select which Area of Interest best reflects your current intended pathway for a major at JMU. You will continue discussing class selection with your academic advisor but the enrollment worksheet connected to the Area of Interest you select can help you get started. 

Area of Interest - Click on the link for the 1st-semester enrollment worksheet




I am creative. I like to solve problems in creative ways. Aesthetics are important to me.


I like to use data to make informed decisions. I enjoy numbers. I am achievement oriented. 


I enjoy breaking down complex information to others in a fun and engaging way.


People’s health is important to me. I desire to be a health advocate for others.


I am a critical thinker and want to broaden my worldview.

Social Sciences

I like to figure out how things work. Research excites me. Facts are all that matter.


I enjoy breaking down complex information to others in fa fun and engaging way.


Everything interests me. Nothing interests me. I am overwhelmed by my options. I am not ready to narrow it down yet.

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