The information in the previous five modules is imperative to your success in creating your first semester schedule.  In order to proceed with the One Book steps, declare your major, select a Summer Springboard Orientation date, and receive your enrollment appointment time, you must click on the link below to confirm you have reviewed the Prepare for Enrollment modules. 

Please Note:  There are no survey questions to answer in this step.  You only need to click the DONE button to confirm you have reviewed the five modules.

If you are asked to login to get to the survey, use your JMU e-ID in lowercase letters (example: madisonj) and yor password.    Do NOT include as part of your JMU e-ID.


1.  Click on the link below and make certain you are only entering your e-ID (not your email address)--the first part of your email address in lowercase letters.  See the example above.

2.  Read the statement and click the DONE button. 

3.  Return to the One Book and manually mark the Prepare for Enrollment step as complete.  The next step, the ALEKS math assessment step should automatically open.  Please call the Orientation Office at 540-568-1787 or email them at if you need assistance.

I have completed the information modules and I am ready to continue with the next steps.

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