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Overview of program:

Dukes Succeed! is a program that is co-sponsored by Career and Academic Planning and Academic Student Services. This program has been intentionally designed to help YOU get back in good academic standing through evidence-based practices to support student persistence and success. Students will receive individualized communication from their Academic Advisor about completion of a series of four meetings over the course of the spring semester and the Dukes Succeed! packet.


Who will be participating in this program?

At this time, this program is open only to students who came into James Madison University in Fall 2019 as an Undeclared student. Failure to participate in this program will result in a hold on the student’s account preventing registration for the Fall 2020 courses.


Program Structure:

Each first-year student participating in the Dukes Succeed! program will be required to meet with their CAP advisor a minimum of four times throughout the course of the spring semester. A sample schedule is below.

Meeting 1 (January): This 1-hour meeting between the advisor and student will go over content from the student’s academic plan assignment, create goals for moving forward, and discuss strategies for success.

Meeting 2 (February): In this 30-minute meeting, the advisor and the student will discuss tips for communicating with faculty/staff.  Additionally, we will start the process of mapping out an academic plan for the next semester.

Meeting 3 (March): This 30-minute meeting will consist of the advisor and student preparing for registration, confirming class selection, and discussing a sample GPA calculation.

Meeting 4 (April): This meeting will be a reflection on the past semester to process growth and look forward to continued academic progress.






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