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Frequently Asked Questions

Everfi Online Training

 How long will it take to complete the training?

For most employees there are six modules that will take approximately 25-40 minutes each to complete.

 How many modules are there?

For employees who are supervisors, there are nine modules, for all other employees, there are six.

 Does the training bookmark my progress if I have to stop and start?

Yes! No matter where you stop in a module, the next time you log in you will pick back up where you left off.

 Does this replace a previous training?

Yes.  This expanded training replaces the sexual misconduct prevention and awareness training that was found on the Title IX website.

 Does this training allow me to work at my own pace?

Absolutely!  Even if you set aside just 10 minutes, you can make progress toward your completion.

 Is this training accessible?

Yes.  Screen readers and closed captioning are effective with this course.

 Who needs to take this training?

All full and part-time employees of the university. Undergraduate and Graduate students employees do not need to take this training.

 Are there additional training modules for supervisors?

Yes, there are three additional modules.  These are in the areas of leadership to prevent harassment and discrimination.

 What if I can't complete the training in the required timeframe?

Any effort you make toward progress is bookmarked in the system, so any amount of time you set aside is beneficial toward your learning.

 How will I complete this training if I don't have access to a computer with an internet connection?

Bring this concern to your supervisor who will work with you toward a successful outcome.

 I completed the training, but I don't see anything in MyMadison that shows I did.

Check with the Human Resources consultant assigned to your department.

 How do I get back to check off the Policy Acknowledgement after I have reviewed and read the policy?

When you click on a policy to review, it opens a new window/tab in your browser.  Just return to the modules window/tab and add your acknowledgement by checking the box.

 I've selected Virginia from the dropdown menu to review a state law, but when I close the pop up the program won't let me continue.

To view Virginia's state laws, select the link that says View Your State's Laws that appears above the box with the dropdown for other states.  Once you view Virginia's laws and close that window, the continue button becomes active and you can proceed.

 What do I do when my screen freezes while I am working on a module or viewing a video?

Wait a little while to see if the system engages again.  If not, log out and log back in.  Your place will be bookmarked and you and pick up where you left off.

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