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What is a Confidential Resource?

JMU has certain employees exempt from reporting disclosures of sexual assault or harassment.  These designated Confidential Resources can talk about options and support without fear of compromising identity.

Reporting to the Title IX Office does not preclude an individual from also utilizing one or more of these Confidential Resources. Individuals are also encouraged to report an alleged criminal incident to law enforcement. 

Victim Advocates

JMU Victim Advocacy services act as a safe, confidential, welcoming, and inclusive resource for JMU students impacted by sexual violence, relationship abuse, stalking, or other crimes of interpersonal violence, whether recently or in the past. They also serve family, friends, and other support persons to student survivors. They welcome all who may have questions, who need support and guidance, and who are seeking resources and connection. Whatever you decide is right for you, Victim Advocates are here to help.

To connect with an advocate:

If you need immediate assistance from an advocate outside of business hours, options include:

  • Calling the Collins Center, Harrisonburg's 24/7 sexual assault crisis agency, at (540) 434-2272 to reach a community-based sexual assault advocate.
  • Calling First Step, Harrisonburg's 24/7 domestic violence crisis agency, at (540) 434-0295 to reach a community-based domestic violence advocate.
  • For emergency medical services, visit the nearest hospital emergency room. Harrisonburg's hospital is Sentara RMH Medical Center (540) 689-1414, located at 2019 Health Campus Drive, Harrisonburg, VA 22801.
  • Calling 911 for emergency and/or police assistance
Counseling Center

The Counseling Center is staffed by competent, experienced mental health professionals who, as part of the larger University community, are dedicated to the personal, social, and academic development of all JMU students. To accomplish this goal, the Center provides counseling services within a developmental, proactive, and outreach-oriented framework. 

The primary focus of the Counseling Center mission is to provide the highest quality individual and group counseling to students struggling with problems common to a college population. Additionally, they serve as an assessment and referral source for students with more serious and chronic psychological difficulties. They also engage in active outreach efforts focusing on the prevention of problems and maximizing the potential of all students to benefit from the academic environment and experience.

University Health Center

The University Health Center (UHC) located in the Student Success Center in the north area of campus provides services to all students currently enrolled at JMU. The UHC provides expert medical care, innovative health education programs and valuable resources for self-care – all provided in a state-of-the-art facility by a team of board certified physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, dietitians, pharmacists, professional health educators, substance abuse prevention specialists and other professional staff.

There is no charge for enrolled students to visit the Health Center throughout the year. However, a few services, like lab tests and specialty procedures, require a nominal charge.

Medical services and advocacy are confidential. The University Health Center does not disclose information to anyone without written consent from the student, except as required by law.

Visit the University Health Center for more information about University Health Center programs and services.

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