Graduate Snapshot - Music

Description of Program:

The School of Music offers a Master of Music degree with concentration options in conducting, music education, performance and composition. The program seeks to provide an opportunity for the highest level of musical development and professional training for each student, appropriate for careers in teaching, performance and composition of music. The joint Doctor of Musical Arts/Master of Music (D.M.A./M.M.) degree program is the most advanced course of study offered in the School of Music at James Madison University. The program has been designed to make graduates more marketable in higher education by emphasizing pedagogy and literature along with advanced performance or conducting skills. The program seeks candidates who have the potential to pursue the highest level of achievement in conducting/performance and teaching.

Degrees Offered:
Master of Music (M.M.)
Doctor of Musical Arts (D.M.A.)

Composition (M.M.)
Conducting (M.M.)
Music Education (M.M.)
Performance (M.M.)
Brass Area (D.M.A.)
Conducting Area (D.M.A.)
Percussion Area (D.M.A.)
Piano Area (D.M.A.)
String Area (D.M.A.)
Vocal Area (D.M.A.)

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