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Vice Provost for Research and Scholarship
Year Started at JMU: 2005
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Research and Scholarship

The Office of Research and Scholarship (R&S) is working closely with the colleges to administer Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for continuing field and on-campus research activities.  Please contact your college dean to discuss the process for approval in your respective college.  R&S will work closely with the Institutional Review Board for all research involving human subjects.


Ms. Rebecca Rohlf, Director of Business Operations
Foundation Hall, Room 2040 | 540.568.3640 |

Ms. Rebecca Hess, Administrative Assistant
Foundation Hall, Room 2038 | 540.568.2700|

Ms. Sandy Stump, Administrative Assistant
Foundation Hall, Room 2053 | 540.568.2053| 

Administrative Units

Dr. Keith Holland, Associate Vice Provost for Research and Innovation and 4-VA
Foundation Hall, Room 2031| 540.568.2701| 

Dr. Besi Muhonja, Associate Vice Provost for Scholarship and Research Development and X Labs
Foundation Hall, Room 2047| 540.568.5431| 

Center for International Stabilization and Recovery (CISR)
Dr. Suzanne Fiederlein, Interim Director
1077 South Main St., Room 102| 540.568.2715| 

Office of Research Integrity
Ms. Carolyn Strong, Director
Foundation Hall, Room 1034| 540.568.2318|

Office of Sponsored Programs
Ms. Tamara Hatch, Director
Foundation Hall, Room 2027 | 540.568.2350 |

Research Development and Promotion
Mr. Ben Delp, Director
Foundation Hall, Room 2037 | 540.568.1661|

Office of Student Awards, Initiatives and Research (STAIR)
Ms. Meredith Malburne-Wade, Director
Lakeview Hall, Room 1186| 540.568.8817|

Technology Innovation and Economic Development
Ms. Mary Lou Bourne, Director
Foundation Hall, Room 2036 | 540.568.2865 |

Center for the Advancement of Sustainable Energy
Dr. Jonathan Miles, Executive Director
1401 Technology Dr., Suite 120 | 540.568.8768 |

Virginia Clean Cities
Mr. Alleyn Harned, Executive Director
1401 Technology Dr, Room 1105| 540.568.8896 |

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