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Faculty and Curriculum

The Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty and Curriculum serves both students and faculty by promoting and enhancing the academic culture of the university.  Our core values include communicating the mission and vision of the Division of Academic Affairs to a variety of constituents, upholding the integrity of students’ academic performance, facilitating the development of curriculum, fostering diversity, cultivating innovation in teaching and scholarship, and developing academic policies and procedures.


Ms. Judy Onestak, Administrative Assistant
Sheldon Hall, Room 104 | 540.568.3404 |

Administrative Units

Academic Policy and Communication 
Ms. Kristi Shackelford, Assistant Vice Provost
Sheldon Hall, Room 107 | 540.568.4064 |

Academic Program Review
Dr. Jeanne Martino-McAllister, Coordinator
Sheldon Hall, Room 224 | 540.568.8117 |

Academic Student Services
Ms. Leslie Purtlebaugh, Assistant Vice Provost 
Sheldon Hall, Room 111 | 540.568.7123 |

Accreditation and Recognition
Dr. Herb Amato, Associate Vice Provost 
Sheldon Hall, Room 102 | 540.568.3576 |

Center for Faculty Innovation
Dr. Cara Meixner, Executive Director
Rose Library, Room 5103 | 540.568.4846 |

Faculty and Curriculum
Vacant, Associate Vice Provost
Sheldon Hall | 540.568.3404 | 

Learning Centers
Dr. Laura Schubert, Director 
Student Success Center, Room 1140 | 540.568.6203 |

Office of the Registrar
Ms. Michele White, Registrar 
Student Success Center, Room 5328 | 540.568.6281 |

University Honor Council
Dr. Audrey Burnett, Coordinator
Health & Behavioral Studies, Room 2072 | 540.568.8969 |

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