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JMU and State Authorization

Changing state and federal legislation regarding university operation in states other than Virginia has resulted in varying rules on student placement in off-site locations. There are some states in which we are not allowed to place students because we lack state authorization.

JMU is part of an organization called SARA (State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements), which allows our students to complete internships or any other in-place, for credit courses in any participating state. JMU joined SARA in June 2015.

There are also several states in which JMU has received authorization or has confirmed that we do not need additional authorization for students to be placed there.

As a result, JMU cannot offer credit-bearing courses (including internships for credit) in states that are not members of SARA or in a state where JMU is not authorized. Students may only participate in off-site, for-credit opportunities in the states shown in green on the map below.

As of spring 2016, no student may complete an internship or other course for JMU credit in a state that is not a member of SARA or in a state where JMU is not authorized. 

For more information regarding online programs, contact Doug Hearrington.

For more information on internships or other physical placements, contact Herb Amato.

Additional Information

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