JMU Online Course Evaluation (Blue)

Blue Implementation Departmental Readiness Process

January, 2018

  1. Departmental Evaluation Items
    • Academic Unit Head meets with someone from the Operations Team to discuss features, benefits, process, expectations
    • AUH and departmental faculty compare current evaluation items with items in Question Bank to identify matches; questions that are not available in current QB are added and evaluation template is prepared
      • NOTE: Examine evaluation template(s) being used for any online courses your department offers and revise as needed.
  1. Data Verification
    • Course Evaluation Administrator adds department to PeopleSoft course data queries and uses results to create datasheet of courses and associated sections, cross-listings, instructors, and unit heads
    • AUH corrects and verifies datasheet (see below)
    • AUH selects ending date for evaluation period (i.e., final day prior to exams or last day of exams)
    • Course Evaluation Administrator corrects and verifies queries
  2. Faculty add their own questions a.k.a., "Personalized Questions" (see Add Your Own Questions) 
  3. Evaluation Period
    (see )
  4. Reports (for individual faculty and Academic Unit Heads)



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