External Accreditation APRs are reviews conducted by outside agencies. A review by an accrediting agency may be substituted for the Degree Granting and Academic Support Areas Review if it is outcome-based, demonstrates substantial JMU faculty involvement and includes an on-campus visit from the accrediting agency. Student learning outcomes and assessment must be part of the External Accreditation APR. Use of an external accreditation review in place of a Degree Granting and Academic Support Area APR must be approved by the Provost.

The External Accreditation APR must meet all the requirements for a Degree Granting and Academic Support Area APR to be used in place of the traditional comprehensive APR. For requirements not covered in an accreditation report, the program will provide supplemental documentation.

Stages of External Accreditation APR

Stage One:

The academic program participates in its scheduled external accreditation as specified by its external accrediting body (self-study, site visit and response) through completion. This includes, if necessary, notification to all U.S. Department of Education-recognized accrediting agencies of any change in JMU’s institutional accreditation.

Stage Two:

Using the Academic Program Review Checklist, the academic unit self-study committee verifies that all aspects of academic program review required by JMU have been met. If any conditions on the Academic Program Review Checklist are not met, the academic unit self-study committee will create a supplemental document addressing those specific areas that were not addressed in the initial external review.

Stage Three:

The self-study committee must submit all materials – including the APR Checklist – within four weeks to the Office of the Provost. The external accreditation report, the APR Checklist and the supplemental document with other information required by JMU (if necessary) are reviewed by the provost's office.

Stage Four:

The provost's office has the option to recommend review of a specific area(s) of need. If consultation is required, the reviewer(s) submits a written report addressing the charge issued by the provost's office.

Stage Five:

Within four weeks, the academic unit head and program faculty develop a formal plan for integrating the results of the accreditation external team report, APR supplement and, if applicable, a consultation report. The plan is submitted to the dean for review and input. When approved, it is submitted to the Office of the Provost.

Stage Six:

After approval by the Provost , the action plan must be added as an objective into the JMU-STAR Tool and reinforced in the program's annual report. Stage Six is an ongoing process, and the results should continue to be included in the annual report until the action plan is completed or other decisions are made in regard to the recommendations. Additionally, a mid-point interim report must be submitted.


Questions about APR?

If you have questions about the APR process, contact Dr. Jeanne Martino-McAllister.

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