Degree Granting and Other Academic APRs are reviews conducted internally by undergraduate and graduate degree-granting academic programs or programs driven by student outcomes. Degree Granting and Other Academic APRs follow the guidelines in the Internal Self-Study Report. This comprehensive review seeks assessment and/or evaluative information about the entire program or unit. Degree Granting and Other Academic APRs must be conducted every eight years with an interim report due every four years. The intent of this report is to update program status and examine programmatic issues as outlined in the Internal Self-Study Report.

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Stages of Degree Granting and Other Academic Areas APR

Stage One:

The APR Internal Self-Study committee develops a written Internal Self-Study Report at the program level. The development of this report should involve program faculty as well as support staff. The Internal Self-Study should be submitted to the Office of the Provost.

Stage Two:

The completed self-study is reviewed by representatives chosen by the Vice Provost for Academic Development. After reviewing the Internal Self-Study Report, these representatives identify specific areas to be addressed and the makeup of the external team.

Stage Three:

The external team reviews the documents provided by the university, conducts an on-site visit and submits a written External Team Report (ERT) to the Office of the Provost.

Stage Four:

Within four weeks of receiving the ERT, the academic unit head and program faculty develop a formal plan for integrating the results of the APR. The plan is submitted to the dean for review and input. When approved, it is submitted to the provost.

Stage Five:

After approval by the Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, the action plan must be added as an objective into the JMU-STAR Tool and reinforced in the program's annual report. Stage Five is an ongoing process, and the results should continue to be included in the annual report until recommendations have been addressed  or other decisions have been made in regard to the recommendations. Additionally, a Four-Year Interim Report must be submitted..


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Questions about APR?

If you have questions about the APR process, contact Dr. Jeanne Martino-McAllister.

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