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Council Charge

This body is charged with advising the Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs regarding procedures and practices of assessment across the campus. The Provost has charged every member with reporting back to their constituents on current JMU assessment practice and policy.

The AAC should periodically:

  • Review the procedures and processes pertaining to first year and late sophomore/early junior assessment days; 
  • Review the procedures and processes pertaining to assessment in academic and degree programs and certificates; 
  • Review the procedures and processes pertaining to assessment in library and educational technologies;
  • Review the reporting of assessment data to students;
  • Review external reporting (e.g. SCHEV) of assessment data off-campus;
  • Suggest ways for better use of assessment data in APR, accreditation, C&I processes;
  • Review implementation of competency requirements for on-campus applications such as General Education and for off-campus such as for community college articulation agreements;
  • Suggest ways for better display of JMU program learning objectives, description of assessment instruments, results, and reported uses of results;
  • Offer general recommendations regarding improvements to campus assessment practice.
  • Work closely with the Student Affairs & University Planning Assessment Advisory Council pertaining to assessment in student affairs. 

The Assessment Advisory Council is comprised of faculty and staff representatives from each college and academic area on campus. These representatives are nominated each year by their deans and academic unit heads to serve on the council. The council meets throughout the academic year to review assessment practices and policies throughout the university and to provide guidance in regards to such.  

Council Members

Herb Amato, Academic Development, Chair

Zach Bortolot, College of Integrated Science and Technology 

Kathleen Campbell, Student Affairs

Kathy Clarke. Libraries and Educational Technologies

Corrine Diop, College of Visual and Peforming Arts

Keston Fulcher, Center for Assessment and Research Studies

Joe Harsh. College of Science and Mathematics

Krisztina Jakobsen, College of Health and Behavioral Studies

Diane Lending, College of Business

Sarah MacDonald, Outreach & Engagement

Meg Mulrooney, University Programs

Amy Thelk, College of Education

Siân White, College of Arts and Letters

Administrative Support

Tiffany Conley, Academic Development

Paula Love, Center for Assessment and Research Studies


Assessment Forum

Provost Award

Faculty and Staff Development

Herb Amato

Zach Bortolot

Cathy Clarke

Kathleen Campbell

Keston Fulcher

Keston Fulcher

Corrine Diop

Sarah MacDonald

Joe Harsh

Krisztina Jakobsen

Siân White

Diane Lending

Amy Thelk

Meg Mulrooney

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