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 How do I sign up?

 Dashboard Page

You’ll be greeted with this page when logged in. It’s a page that is tailored to your preferences. This page is great if you want to catch up on your volunteering stats or opportunities.


These metrics go over your overall stats. To know more details about each of the categories presented. You can hover your mouse on top of it, as show in the image below and it will show a brief information on what that category represents.


If you go back to your dashboard and scroll down, you find your suggested opportunities. These show you the upcoming opportunities you can participate in. These suggestions are based on your interest. To refine this suggestion, you can edit your interests and fanned Community Partners. To know more about these breaks, click on view details.


Our Community Page shows you recent activities that are taking place or has taken place recently in JMU community. Recent Opportunities shows the available opportunities that were available in that community.


 Volunteer Resume

Click on the button to open the following page.


 My Profile


This page shows you your stats from the time given mentioned on the left; start and end. You can highlight the causes you have been part of to prevent and interests . It also shows the community Partners you have been a fan of/liked. There are stats on the left of the screen, which includes the data you signed up for Volunteer Now and the total logged hours you have had since then.


To view an overview of your volunteer hours, first select the dates you want to view. Then, click “Volunteer Resume” and it will automatically download a report.


This is what your volunteer resume will look like.

 Edit Profile


This page allows you to completely customize your profile. You can upload your picture, update it with your name, email, mobile, graduation and the distance you're willing to travel for service.

There is a whole section for your availability. It is divided by days and time. You can choose the day and the time you want to work, there is also an option "Don’t schedule me" which you can use if you don't want to work on a specific day. For example, if you can work on Monday and Wednesday mornings, you'll check on those boxes and the community partner will know what time you're available.

In Setting section, you can turn off the email notifications and text messages from volunteer now platform. You can turn on, "Allow Scheduling" which will let the Community Partner let you sign up for open slots based on your availability.

 Deactivate Account

You can click on the red at the bottom of the screen to completely deactivate your account.


 Track Hours


On this page you'll enter your volunteer hours after you have service for that day.
You can click on "Add Hours", which will guide you the sections, "Hour Type" and "Hour Details".
In Hour Type, you would choose the Opportunity you were a part of that was published on Volunteer NOW.


In Hour Details, Choose the date from the "Date Worked", Write the down the hours you have volunteered in "Hours Worked" and amount of distance you have travelled, in miles for that opportunity in "Miles Travelled".

Write a brief description of the service was and what you did.

Click on "Submit Hour Entry" at the left bottom of the screen to submit.

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