Break Description

Through education, skills development, and community service, Civic Works has been strengthening communities in Baltimore for over 20 years! Some of their programs include:


•Building Brighter Futures – this program provides real world, job-based training to participants for employment. Around 600 individuals have been placed in jobs through this program!

•Healthy Food & Green Communities – this program within Civic Works is committed to creating a sustainable, viable, and environmentally responsible agriculture sector in Baltimore. They have planted 25,000 trees, and have grown 60,000 pounds of fresh produce!

•Safe & Affordable Homes – Civic works is helping to transform Baltimore’s emerging green energy economy by providing energy improvements to 6,000 homes, repairing 700 homes, and helping to secure living wage employment for 90% of Green Careers program graduates.


This weekend, we will be working with Real Food Farms and the Community Lot. The Civic Works Community Lot is a project that transforms sites of demolished house into thriving community gardens! Read Food Farm is an innovative urban agricultural enterprise around Clifton Park in northeast Baltimore. Come learn how sustainable farming and green solutions can flourish in the city of Baltimore! 

Focus on: Empowering Vulnerable Populations

Community: Baltimore, MD


Cost: $30

What type of travel will this break use? Domestic Driving

What kind of break is this? Weekend Break

Departure Date: 10-20-2017

Return Date: 10-22-2017

What community partner will you be working with? Civic Works, Inc.

Currently Offered?: No

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