Break Description

The Redwoods National Park is home to the tallest trees on Earth; awe-inspiring giants that can live up to 2,000 years old. Other than being one of America’s most beloved National Parks, Redwoods is home to a variety of threatened animal species such as the Northern Spotted Owl, Steller’s Sea Lion, the Tidewater Goby, and the Chinook Salmon. This diverse park also protects grassland prairies, oak woodlands, river ways, and approximately 40 miles of California coastline. Our group will be participating in the preservation of this unique ecosystem through trail maintenance to maintain “Leave No Trace” policies and will have the opportunity to have education training provided by park’s rangers. Groups in the past have also participated seasonal bridge building; a feature necessary to keep park visitors safe and to protect the park’s flora and fauna. 

Focus on: Environmental Welfare

Community: Orick, California

Leaders: Morgan Billingsley and Katy Riley

Cost: $900

What type of travel will this break use? Domestic Flying

What kind of break is this? Spring Break

Departure Date: 03-04-2017

Return Date: 03-11-2017

What community partner will you be working with? Redwood National Park

Currently Offered?: No

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