Break Description

While being incarcerated is a challenge in and of itself, reintegrating back into society after being released comes with its own set of barriers: 76.6% of ex-offenders are rearrested within five years of being released, only 12.5% of employers would accept an application from an ex-offender, and there is a significantly high risk of dying within just two weeks of being released. Dismas House provides a plethora of services to help with reentry, including housing and food services, clinical support, life skills development, financial management, and employment services! By relying on volunteers, Dismas House works towards mutual reconciliation between society and former offenders to develop a supportive community. On our break, we plan to be working on projects to maintain and/or improve the facilities, while making meaningful relationships with the staff and residents at Dismas House!

Focus on: Reintegration

Community: South Bend, IN

Leaders: Emily DAngelo and Becky Harkness

Cost: $TBD

What type of travel will this break use? Domestic Driving

What kind of break is this? Spring Break

Departure Date: 03-03-2018

Return Date: 03-10-2018

What community partner will you be working with? Dismas House

Currently Offered?: No

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