Focus on: Resettlement


Join us on our adventure to Dismas House in South Bend, Indiana!  Dismas House provides a compassionate, encouraging, family-based-atmosphere for former prisoners getting reacquainted with society.  Dismas is unique because their mission focuses not only on prisoner growth and crime-prevention, but also attempts to create greater acceptance of ex-offenders by housing them with university students and keeping them in contact with community volunteers.  Students and volunteers help with job placement, counseling and advising, create friendships with ex-offenders, and are able to gain a new perspective on individuals who have been to prison.  Former prisoners gain hope for the future and are provided with skills and experience to become productive members of society.

We will have the opportunity to work directly with the residents, help with daily house upkeep, and will probably do one major project for the house.  It's sure to be an eye-opening, perspective changing experience.

On our free day we can explore one of the cities on the way to South Bend such as Pittsburgh or Cleveland, or we can spend the day on Notre Dame's Campus and in the surrounding area.  "

Location: South Bend, Indiana

Leaders: Marlee Farbstein and Stacey Nagele

Cost: $300

What type of travel will this break use? Domestic Driving

What kind of break is this? Spring Break

Departure Date: 03-07-2015

Return Date: 03-14-2015

What agency will you be working with? Dismas House

Currently Offered?: No

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