Break Description

You don’t have to travel far to experience different cultures and meet people from around the world. Come join us this break as we discover peoples’ stories through helping individuals and families find peace and safety here in America.
This break we will travel to Louisville, KY to work with the refugee resettlement community. Catholic Charities provides multiple services including: case management, housing, cultural orientation, employment, English as a Second Language and more. We will have the opportunity to assist in several facets of the resettlement process and work directly with refugees from all walks of life.

Focus on: Resettlement

Community: Loisville, KY

Leaders: Sydney Bullock and Korinna Weber

Cost: $300

What type of travel will this break use? Domestic Driving

What kind of break is this? Spring Break

Departure Date: 03-05-2016

Return Date: 03-12-2016

What community partner will you be working with? Cathollic Charities

Currently Offered?: No

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