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The Technology

What is TelePresence?

TelePresence is an immersive video system that enables people in different locations to actually feel as if they are meeting in the same room. Features such as ultra-high definition video, spatial audio and standardized site design give the user an interactive experience unlike any other videoconferencing service. Our new TelePresence server gives us the flexibility to connect a variety of non-TelePresence conferencing systems including many legacy Tandberg systems, standard and hi-def H.323 video conferencing, desktop applications (Lync, Cisco Jabber), and iPads using the iPad Jabber app. The network is global, so if you have a need to connect we can probably help.

  • Utilizes JMU’s connectivity to the National LambdaRail "NLR"/Internet2

"The use of technologies such as TelePresence to help leverage resources will become more and more important in the delivery of higher education. From reducing the cost of on campus instruction to providing dual enrollment opportunities for high school students, technology can lower costs while increasing access. This will help increase access while holding down costs for tuition-paying students and their families."

For more information about Cisco's TelePresence, click here.

Festival Room 1-1300
Festival Room 1-1300
  • 6 participants
  • 3 cameras; 1-65" display
  • System automatically switches camera to the individual currently talking


Festival Room 6-3210
Festival Room 6-3210
  • 18 participants
  • 3 cameras; 3-65" displays
  • Content displays on side and in lower front
  • All 3210 facilities are identical in furniture and system setup

Request a Room

Participants merely walk into the room, take a seat at the table, dial a number and connect to a similar room at Mason, Virginia Tech, UVA – or any other room that has a TelePresence set-up. Whoever speaks instantly appears on the screen, and the high-definition, real-time quality of the audio and video creates an "immersive" environment – the feeling that you're in the same room with the other participants.

To schedule a room please contact:

Kai Brokamp
4-VA Assistant Director, JMU