2013-Quarter 2



Trudy Cole

JMU Trudy ColeTitle:

Visual Literacy, Beyond Linguistic Communication: a Collaborative Research Project


Principal Investigator:

Trudy Cole, Department of Graphic Design at JMU in collaboration with James Smith, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at UVA


The mission of this grant is to study non-linguistic communication, namely visual communication. The study will be tested and ultimately materialize in the form of label instructions and an information pamphlet for the PureMadi¿s point-of-use water purification system. The knowledge gained, project documentations and PowerPoint presentation of the process will be used as a case study for a unit plan and project on visual communication in JMU¿s GRPH 208 Design Methodology course. The PowerPoint presentation will also be used for education and presentational purposes. 



Awarded Funding: