2013-Quarter 2



Dr. Robert McKown

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JMU Robert McKownTitle:

Canine Clinical Study for Tear Lacritin as a Treatment for Dry Eye


Principal Investigator:

Dr. Robert McKown, Department of Integrated Science and Technology at JMU in collaboration with Dr. Ian P. Herring, Department of Small Animal Clinical Studies at VA-MD Regional College of Veterinary Medicine.



The goal of this research project is to expand on research conducted as part of the mini-grant awarded to Dr. McKown in October 2012 studying Lacritin, a human tear protein, in canines. Building on this research, Dr. McKown and his collaborators plan to clone the canine lacritin gene and utilize it in a clinical study of canines at Virginia Tech, looking to see if it will stimulate tear production in canines. If found to be a safe and effective method of application, this could lead to a new therapy for canine dry eye and potentially lead to advancing development of a potential drug to treat dry eye in humans.


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