2013-Quarter 2



Dr. LouAnn Lovin

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JMU LouAnn LovinTitle:

Fraction Schemes and Operations:  An Extension to Prospective PreK-8 Teachers 


Principal Investigator:

Dr. LouAnn Lovin, Department of Mathematics and Statistics at JMU, in collaboration with Dr. John Siegfried and Dr. Alexis Stevens, Department of Mathematics and Statistics at JMU, Dr. Anderson Norton, Department of Mathematics at Virginia Tech, and Dr. Jesse L.M. Wilkins, Department of Teaching and Learning at Virginia Tech.



This collaborative research project will expand on previous research conducted by Norton and Wilkins, which validated a developmental framework that identifies how elementary and middle school students make sense of situations involving fractions. The purpose of this study is to validate Norton and Wilkins' framework with a different population—the PreK-8 prospective teachers at JMU. Among other issues, this population will be used to investigate how knowledge of procedures, which is not readily available and used by the younger students, is being used by the college-age students to solve problems with fractions and might be interfering with developing a rich understanding of situations involving fractions.


Awarded Funding:




  1. Validation of the developmental trajectory for the new population of PreK-8 prospective teachers
  2. Revision and validation of written assessment for the new population of PreK-8 prospective teachers
  3. Assessing the fractions schemes and operations of JMU and VT's PreK-8 prospective teachers
  4. Initiation of a project web page to share assessment items and early research results