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October 2013-Quarter 2


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Kenn Barron

JMU Kenn BarronTitle:

Development of a Real-time Data Collection and Intervention Platform for Classrooms:

The Rapid Assessment Platform and Intervention Delivery (RAPID) System


Principal Investigator:

PI: Dr. Kenn Barron, Professor of Psychology, James Madison University

Co-PI: Dr. Chris Hulleman, University of Virginia


This grant will support a multi-year collaborative research effort with the Harrisonburg City Public Schools that aims to:

  1. Provide professional development for teachers at the middle school level with a particular focus on enabling classroom teachers to design, implement and assess psychological interventions and instructional practices aimed at increasing student agency and achievement.
  2. Develop a continuous improvement process based on rapid-prototyping principles that allows classroom teachers the freedom to imagine, test, and evaluate their innovative ideas on the time scale of days and weeks instead of months and years; and
  3. Create the Rapid Assessment Platform and Intervention Delivery (RAPID) System, a software-based mobile data collection and intervention delivery platform, to support the rapid prototyping process.


Awarded Funding:

$5,000 JMU

$5,000 UVA