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October 2013-Quarter 2


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Giovanna Scarel

JMU Giovanna ScarelTitle:

Effects on thermoelectric power generation of the source-device distance


Principal Investigator:

PI: Dr. Giovanna Scarel, JMU Department of Physics and Astronomy

Co-PI: Professor Rosa A. Lukaszew, W&M Dept of Applied Science-Physics


The proposed Project is part of an on-going effort by the PI and co-PI to explore mechanisms to harvest infrared radiation. The goal in the proposed Project is to perform a systematic investigation of the effects of the distance between the thermal source and a thermoelectric device on the generation of thermoelectric voltage. The goal is to disentangle the effects of heat transfer through conduction and convection, on one hand, and radiation, on the other hand. The outcome is expected to have impacts on technology, science, health and psychology. 


Awarded Funding: