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October 2013-Quarter 2


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Elizabeth Johnson

JMU Elizabeth JohnsonTitle:

Laboratory Techniques in Geology: Redesign of a STEM Course to Prepare Students for Graduate School and Employment


Principal Investigator:

PI: Elizabeth Johnson, Assistant Professor, Dept of Geology and Environmental Science, JMU


In the Department of Geosciences, Virginia Tech:

  • Estaban Gazel, Assistant Professor
  • Sarah Mazza, Ph.D student
  • Lowell Moore, M.S student and JMU alumnus

In the Department of Geology and Environmental Sciences, JMU:

  • Steve Baedke and Lance Kearns, Professors


The proposed Project will be a Course Redesign project that will also lead to enhanced Collaborative Research between JMU and Virginia Tech. The PI and Co-PIs at JMU will redesign a course on analytical methods in the geosciences using both new and established instrumentation in the Department of Geology and Environmental Science. The reformatted course will include team teaching at JMU as well as teaching and mentoring interactions with graduate students and faculty at Virginia Tech. This course will further prepare students for geosciences jobs and graduate school in which similar equipment and techniques would be employed. To further assist in this goal and to strengthen collaborative research efforts between JMU and Virginia Tech, 1-3 students from the course will conduct research projects in a 10-week summer REU (research experience for undergraduates) program using instrumentation that was part of the course. 


Awarded Funding:

$5,000 JMU

$5,000 VT