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October 2013-Quarter 2


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Brook Kennedy

JMU Brook KennedyTitle:

Sustainable Innovation: Integrating teams in Biology, Design and Engineering 


Principal Investigator:

 PI: Brook Kennedy, Industrial Design Program, VA Tech

Co PI:

Dr. Jacquelyn K. Nagel, Assistant Professor of Engineering at JMU

Dr. Arthur Buikema, Alumni Distinguished Professor in the Dept. of BioScience at Virginia Tech


This spring 2014 we will be offering an undergraduate honors colloquium at Virginia Tech called “Integrating Biology and Design for Sustainable Innovation” (BDSI). This course will serve as the platform for researching and developing Bio-Inspired design methodologies through a semester-long interdisciplinary team project. This course will be offered to 12 undergraduate students equally representing Biology, Engineering and Design and will be taught collaboratively between Dr. Arthur Buikema and Brook Kennedy from VT with instrumental involvement from Dr. Jacquelyn Nagel at JMU. Dr. Nagel is developing a similar course to be offered in parallel to BDSI and we will take advantage of pooling our resources and learning to develop our courses collaboratively in the future. 

Awarded Funding:


$4,700 JMU

$4,700 VT