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October 2013-Quarter 2


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Anca Constantin

JMU Anca ConstantinTitle:

The First Panchromatic Constraints of the Role of Water Masers in Galaxy Evolution Processes


Principal Investigator:

PI: Anca Constantin, Department of Physics and Astronomy, JMU


  • James Braatz, National Radio Astronomical Observatory (NRAO) & Department of Astronomy, UVA


This scale-up collaborative research grant will provide the necessary data and analysis tools for the first planned multi-wavelength investigation of the degree to which the water maser activity in galaxy centers is related to various currently proposed phases in galaxy evolution. Based on this research, the team will develop competitive proposals for external funding as NSF and NASA, as well as for new observations at national and international observatories. This collaboration will uniquely expose JMU students to groundbreaking data acquisition and analysis with NRAO’s Green Bank Telescope (GBT) and the Very Large Baseline Array telescope, while offering NRAO-UVA scientists expertise in multi-wavelength observations of accreting supermassive black holes, available at JMU. 

Awarded Funding:

$20,000 JMU

$20,000 UVA