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May 2013-Quarter 4


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Alleyn Harned

JMU Alleyn HarnedTitle:

Virginia Clean Fuels Student Partnership 2013-2014

Principal Investigator:

Alleyn Harned, Virginia Clean Cities at JMU, in collaboration with Virginia Clean Cities staff members, JMU’s Alternative Fuel Lab and Institute of Stewardship of the Natural World, Virginia Tech’s EcoCAR team, and UVA’s Ride Forward group.


Virginia Clean Cities at James Madison University will set up meetings between partners and collaborators with the purpose of discussing alternative fuel vehicles and pedagogies with each fuel along with the existing and ongoing programs offered at each university. To bridge the distance between universities, partners will utilize telepresence tools and software as well as file sharing with collaborators, though in person meetings will also be advanced as necessary.  Collaborators will attend five (5) webinars and invite partner universities attend to events or workshops hosted by each university. Since Virginia Clean Cities plans to manage the project at James Madison University, they will attend at least one event at each partner university.

Awarded Funding: