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July 2013-Quarter 3


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Dr. Susan R. Halsell

JMU Susan HalsellTitle:

Molecular Dissection of Noxious Cold Nociception


Principal Investigator:

Dr. Susan R. Halsell, Department of Biology at JMU, in collaboration with Dr. Daniel N. Cox, School of Systems Biology at GMU 



This project is a direct result of the mini-grant awarded previously to Dr. Halsell to establish this collaboration. The proposed studies will uniquely enable systems-level dissection of the molecular bases governing noxious cold nociception in Drosophila via integrative analyses at multiple levels. Dr. Halsell and Dr. Cox will characterize the molecular bases of noxious cold thermo transduction to explore potential structure-function relationships between dendritic morphology and behavior, which are poorly understood. 


Awarded Funding: