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July 2013-Quarter 3


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Dr. Christopher Berndsen

JMU Christopher BerndsenTitle:

Structure of human BST-2 with BST-2 antagonist Vpu


Principal Investigator:

Dr. Christopher Berndsen, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at JMU, in collaboration with Dr. Carla Slebodnick, Department of Chemistry at Virginia Tech



This research project aims to determine the structure of a human anti-viral protein through collaboration between JMU and VT. The primary goal of the experiments in this project is to determine the crystal structure of the human protein BST2 in a complex with the HIV-1 genome. This project will move toward this goal in four stages that will ultimately develop data that will result in a high-resolution crystal structure which will provide insight into the mechanism of BST2. The research collaboration will also develop into a teaching and training collaboration of students in X-ray crystallography.


Awarded Funding: