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July 2013-Quarter 3


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Dr. Carol Hurney

JMU Carol HurneyTitle:

Exploring Tail Development from Three Ends


Principal Investigator:

Dr. Carol A Hurney, Department of Biology at JMU, in collaboration with Dr. Margaret Saha, Department of Biology at William and Mary, and Dr. Sharon K. Babcock, Department of Biology at JMU



This collaborative research project aims to broaden research efforts exploring salamander tail development and other aspects of salamander biology. More importantly, this collaboration serves to increase the number of undergraduate and graduate research projects suitable for the research cultures at JMU and the College of William and Mary. Exploring tail development in three ways will maximize the expertise of the three researchers. This project will expand and develop a more comprehensive understanding of the molecular mechanisms that control segmentation, which is a goal of vertebrate developmental and evolutionary biology.


Awarded Funding: