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January 2013-Quarter 3


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Dr. Roshna Wunderlich

JMU Rosha WunderlichTitle:

Design of Innovative Virtual Human Anatomy Modules to be Shared Across the Commonwealth


Principal Investigator:

Directors (Pl's): Dr. Roshna Wunderlich and Dr. Mark Gabriele

Collaborators: Kevin Hegg (CIT, Creator of Madison Digital Image Database, MDID)
Dr. Kent Diduch
Ms. Pamela Bailey (Physician Assistant Program)
Dr. Jeff Loveland (Occupational Therapy Program)


This proposal aims to develop a virtual component for the Bio 290 Human Anatomy laboratory class at JMU. The goals of the online components are to 1) introduce student with the concepts that will be used in the laboratory prior to the lab so they arrive prepared to use the concepts. 2) reduce the amount of time faculty is introducing material and increase the amount of time faculty are using material, and 3)provide a visual database of images and videos that students can utilize after lab.  This project has the possibility of expanding the collaboration to both undergraduate and graduate medical faculty at other institutions within the Commonwealth of Virginia.


Awarded Funding: