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January 2013-Quarter 3


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Dr. Susan R. Halsell

JMU Susan HalsellTitle:

Seeding a Research Collaboration: Regulation of Dendritic Morphogenesis in the Genetic Model Organism, Drosophila melanogaster


Principal Investigator:

PI: Susan R. Halsell
Co-PI: Dr. Daniel Cox at GMU


 The funding for this proposal will seed the development of a research collaboration between two labs in the 4-VA consortium, located at JMU and GMU. Dr. Halsell and Dr. Cox will both attend the annual Drosophila Research Conference in Washington D.C, and Dr. Halsell will spend time working in Dr. Cox’s lab in May to further develop the project. JMU students will then be trained in new techniques and periodic joint lab meetings will be held. It is also anticipated that co-authored presentations will occur at national meetings such as the Drosophila Research Conference and at regional meetings. JMU undergraduates will be included as presenters at these meetings.

Awarded Funding: