Using the enrollment worksheet for your major from Module 2, include any information from the following areas that pertain to you.

1.  AP, IB, CIE test scores and dual enrollment credit

Gather and organize your high school academics that may lead to college credit at JMU. Use this information, along with your enrollment worksheet, to identify courses on the worksheet where you already have credit for the course.  If you are waiting on test results, plan to enroll in the class until you have your final results.  Below are forms you may use to identify earned credits.  See the Quick Links section at the end of this page for links to the scores JMU accepts for credit and the courses for which credit is earned.

2.  Enrollment considerations for special categories:

If you are participating in one of the following categories, click the link for additional enrollment information.

Associate Degree or high transfer credit

Pre-Occupational Therapy



Centennial Scholars


Pre-Physical Therapy

Honors College

Pre-Physician Assistant

Learning Communities


Marching Dukes (band)

ROTC – Air Force


ROTC – Army




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