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"I am a SMAD major with a concentration in Journalism. Obviously, writing is going to be a huge component in my field of work. One of the biggest reasons why I chose WRTC as a minor was so that I could work on strengthening my writing skills. I also took courses like WRTC 410 and 420 because I wanted to learn how to read government and legal documents in case I needed to analyze one and report on it once I have reached my career goal. During my internship last summer, I was able to shadow a reporter and on one particular day he had to sit down and sift through a legal document on a case regarding a robbery suspect. Once he found the information he needed, he used it to write and finish the story he was putting together. So being able to recognize legal terms and what the document entails is going to be essential and I'm very happy that I'm learning how to do so in WRTC. My professors are amazing and I am truly taking away great skills that I have acquired through the WRTC minor program."

-Telmyr Lee

Revised for Fall 2012, the WRTC minor is designed for students who wish to extend, enrich and formalize their education as writers and communicators. The minimum requirement for the minor is 18 credit hours. Twelve of the 18 hours must be WRTC core courses:

The other six units may be fulfilled by taking any other WRTC courses.

NOTE: WRTC now only offers a single minor in WRTC for students entering JMU beginning Fall 2012. Students previously minoring in TSC or W&R may complete these minors and have them appear on their transcripts.

For more information, contact your WRTC adviser.