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Jordan Guskind

I have been working at Vanity Fair Magazine this summer. The office is located right in the heart of Times Square, New York City in the Conde Nast Publications building. I have been working in the production department, in charge of helping look over the credits given to every photograph in the issue. I handle very confidential information and work closely overlooking the credits until the issue is released.

I am also in charge of helping distribute blue lines, a blown up version of each page featured in the magazine used for editing and final production. I help organize the blue lines into their proper sections and send them out to editors. I have learned a great deal this past summer and have witnessed the critical processes of Vanity Fair's production department. I have taken part in the creation and finalization of the August, September and October issues of Vanity Fair Magazine and have gained critical work knowledge for my future in technical communication.

Summary of WRTC Internship Requirements
Please note that you may not receive internship credit after the fact, so be sure to obtain approval and enroll in WRTC 495 before doing the internship. Your internship coordinator is WRTC faculty member Cindy Allen. Plan to work with her throughout the entire internship process! All emails (allen2cj@jmu.edu), faxes (540-568-2742) and paperwork go to Cindy Allen (Harrison Hall 2295).

Before the internship - obtaining approval

  1. Make an appointment to obtain approval in advance of doing the internship. 
  2. Complete the Internship Application form and bring a copy of your resume and recent unofficial transcript to your meeting (before contacting an internship provider or starting an internship).

Once the internship is approved

  1. Submit the completed Internship Agreement form signed by the student and the internship provider (The WRTC internship coordinator signs the form and keeps it on file).
  2. Have the internship provider fill out and fax the Internship Provider's Data Sheet to the internship coordinator.
  3. Obtain a permission number to sign up for WRTC 495 once the forms have been approved.
  4. Register for the internship course promptly by using the permission number.

While working as an intern

  1. Submit a one-page report every two weeks in the form of an email memo.

At the end of the internship

  1. Have your internship provider complete the Internship Provider's Evaluation of Student form evaluating your work. The internship provider should fax this form to the internship coordinator as soon as possible so your grade can be submitted to the Registrar.
  2. Complete and deliver the Student's Evaluation of Internship Provider form evaluating your internship provider to your WRTC internship coordinator.
  3. Complete and deliver a closeout report.

Policies Governing the Internship

WRTC Internship Coordinator
Cindy Allen (allen2cj@jmu.edu).