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"Whitten Maher was a student, writer, and artist with a prescient understanding of the power of communication."

Whitten Maher wrote for James Madison University's student newspaper, The Breeze, from 2007-2010, serving as the paper's Opinion Editor and Design Editor from 2008-2010.

The articles below, culled from Maher's regular "Gadfly" opinion column, demonstrate his commitment to good writing and effective design as they reflect his work to educate and engage audiences, promote empathy rather than derision, and encourage populations who feel unrecognized or misunderstood.

At the End of the Day
For You, Wherever You Are
The Last Temptation of a Skeptic New York, Torture, Hearts and Minds
We're Not Really Sorry
Palin: Obama's Understudy Why Would He Do It?
And So We March America the Rabid

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