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An article about Whitten's death appeared in The Richmond TImes Dispatch.

Whitten Maher Memorial Scholarship for Writing and Design 2014-2015

The Whitten Maher Memorial Scholarship for Writing and Design was founded to honor the life of JMU alum, Whitten Maher, whose death on December 20, 2012 prematurely ended the great potential that many recognized in his writing and designs. Maher had a gift for inspiring a sense of hope grounded in good reason. While a student at JMU, he worked as the Design Editor and as a Senior Writer/Columnist for The Breeze. He also won awards from the Virginia Press Association for his designs and writing, including praise for an opinion column he penned called Gadfly that was admired for "putting a local face on topics with national importance." Maher double-majored in Political Science and Writing, Rhetoric & Technical Communication. At the time of his death, he was employed as the Communications Associate for Demos: Ideas & Action, a non-profit think-tank in Manhattan.

In this spirit, the purpose of the Whitten Maher Memorial Scholarship for Writing and Design is to acknowledge and support undergraduate works that convey a similar compassion, intensity and well-informed reason. Such text or design-based work aims to educate and respectfully engage audiences, promote empathy rather than derision, and encourage populations who feel unrecognized or misunderstood. Scholarship recipients will be invited to present a short reading or overview of their design during a university reception in their honor during the Spring 2015 semester. The scholarship may only be applied to tuition. The scholarship award in 2014 shall be in the amount of $1,000.

More information, including complete details for applying for the scholarship, can be found in the official Call for Entries.

Donations to the Scholarship can be made through the JMU Office of Development.