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"I've landed a job with TRICARE Management Activity, a division of the Department of Defense that handles health care for active duty and retired military personnel. My title is Contract Specialist. The position requires at least 24 semester hours of business, but my supervisor said she waived the requirement for me because 'the government needs people with great writing and editing skills.'"

I think my exception speaks volumes about the marketability of a degree in Writing, Rhetoric & Technical Communication from JMU. I'm sure rising grads would appreciate this bit of validation for their hard work in the program."

-Teagan O'Bar

Graduate Internship Requirements

Internship Application Form

Internship Agreement Form

Internship Provider's Data Sheet

Internship Provider Evaluation of Student Form

Student Evaluation of Internship Provider Form

Graduate students must complete an internship as part of their core requirements. The internship is designed to allow students to incorporate field experience with WRTC course work, to observe communication processes, and to apply effective written, interpersonal, and public communication skills. In order to receive WRTC credit for an internship, students must devote a minimum of 150 hours of work to this applied learning experience.

Students have held internships with local and out-of-state companies and organizations, including

WRTC Internship Coordinator
Dr. Michael J. Klein (

Summary of WRTC Internship Requirements
Please note that internships will not be given credit after the fact, so be sure to go through the approval process and get enrolled in WRTC 695 before doing the internship.

Before the internship

  1. Obtain approval in advance from the WRTC Internship Coordinator. Make an appointment with the coordinator in order to obtain approval.
  2. Complete the Internship Application form and turn it in to the WRTC Internship Coordinator before contacting an Internship Provider or starting an internship.
  3. Give the WRTC Internship Coordinator the completed Internship Agreement form signed by the student and the Internship Provider. The WRTC Internship Coordinator will then sign the form and keep it on file.
  4. Have the Internship Provider fill out and fax the Internship Provider's Data Sheet to the WRTC Internship Coordinator (the fax number is on the form).
  5. When the forms have been turned in and the internship has been approved by the WRTC Internship Coordinator, you will be given a permission number to sign up for WRTC 695.
  6. Promptly register for the internship course by using the permission number.
  7. Once you are enrolled in the course, you will have access to the course Blackboard or a web site (if one is available) and be able to access instructions to download work associated with the course.  

While working as an intern

At the end of the internship

  1. Have your Internship Provider complete the Internship Provider Evaluation of Student form evaluating your work. The Internship Provider should fax this form in a timely manner to your WRTC Internship Coordinator. The fax number is on the form.
  2. Complete and deliver the Student Evaluation of Internship Provider form evaluating your Internship Provider to your WRTC Internship Coordinator.
  3. Complete and deliver to your WRTC Internship Coordinator a closeout report.   

Policies Governing the Internship