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Graduate Student Forms and Documents

WRTC Graduate Handbook  
WRTC Comprehensive Exam Guidelines  

Application Forms Complete and return to Harrison 2276
Online JMU Graduate School Application  
WRTC Assistantship Application  
WRTC 690 Independent Study Application  
JMU Graduation Application  
Graduate Plan of Study  
Graduate Cognate  
Language Fulfillment  
Prerequisite Waiver  

Degree Requirements Information Sheets Bring to meetings with your adviser
Master of Arts Degree Requirements  
Master of Science Degree Requirements  

Internship Materials--For Students Complete and return to Harrison 2276
Graduate Internship Application  
Graduate Internship Requirements  
Internship Agreement Form  
Student Evaluation of Internship Provider Form  
Internship Materials--For Providers Give to Internship Provider
Internship Provider Data Sheet  
Internship Provider Evaluation of Student Form  

Comprehensive Exam Materials Bring to Comprehensive Exam Meeting
Comprehensive Exam Guidelines  

Course Schedules Bring to meetings with your adviser