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"WRTC has been the best decision of my college career. I chose WRTC because of the ability to mold my education into what I needed. It really is a mix and match major. The diverse skills I have learned will give me a wonderful advantage in the future, and I look forward to using each and every one of them."

-Keitha Harmon

Concentration in Writing and Rhetoric
The graduate concentration in writing and rhetoric is designed for students who wish to extend, enrich and formalize their education as writers or teachers of writing. Courses offered as part of the concentration cover a range of topics, including literacy studies, rhetorical history and theory, writing pedagogy, and cultural rhetorics. The concentration will appear on the student's transcript.

Approved courses for the Writing and Rhetoric Concentration:

WRTC 521. Web Design WRTC 615. Document Design
WRTC 535. Genre Theory WRTC 620. Science Writing
WRTC 542. Tutoring Writing WRTC 625. Government Writing
WRTC 545. Ethical and Legal Issues in WRTC WRTC 630. Legal Writing
WRTC 550. Organizational Communication WRTC 635. Medical Writing
WRTC 555. Managerial Communication WRTC 640. Proposal and Grant Writing
WRTC 560. Scientific Rhetoric WRTC 645. Documentation of Computer Technologies
WRTC 565. Digital Rhetoric WRTC 650. Electronic and Online Publication
WRTC 570. Rhetorical Theory WRTC 655. Electronic Graphic Design
WRTC 581. Hypertext Theory WRTC 670. Teaching Writing
WRTC 590. Intercultural Technical and Scientific Communication WRTC 680. Readings in WRTC
WRTC 610. Publication Management WRTC 690. Special Issues in WRTC