2011 WRTC Awards Banquet blue line

banquet cover

The WRTC Awards Banquet recognizes the academic achievements of WRTC undergraduate and graduate students. Faculty, students and alumni attended the event. The Keynote was given by 2010 masters degree graduate Ms. Melissa Boyer.

This year's award winners, as voted on by the WRTC faculty, were

For the second year, WRTC facultyalso presented the Write of Passage Scholarship, a scholarship for an undergraduate WRTC student, sponsored by 2006 graduate Ms. Ashley Lusk. This year's winner was Ms. Latasha Trimiew.

Images from the Awards Banquet

melissa latasha
Keynote Speaker Ms. Melissa Boyer Write of Passage Recipient
Ms. Latasha Trimiew
suzanne martin
Outstanding Minor Ms. Suzanne Raouf and WRTC Director Dr. Larry Burton Outstanding Major Mr. Martin Steger
bret scott
Outstanding Graduate Mr. Bret Zawilski WRTC assistant professor
Dr. Scott Lunsford