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symposium program

Video of the Keynote Address

You are not a Gadget: Rhetoric, Engagement, and the Promise of Democracy
Dr. James Dubinsky, Virginia Tech

Videos of Student Presentations

Determining Intercultural Challenges in Technical Communication
Melissa Pfau & Promeet Singh, James Madison University

Information Packaging in Colonial and 21st-century America: New Ways to Think About Old Media
Trisha Capansky & Alexis Poe Davis, East Carolina University

Whose Fault Is It?: The Role of Language Attitudes in Multicultural, Multilingual Education
Libby Anthony, Virginia Tech

The Eye of Hubble: Contexts for Images of Deep Space
Evan Snider, Virginia Tech

The Use of Rhetoric in the Scientific and Medical Communities
Lindsay Deliman & Brandi Mooring, James Madison University

Ethics in Communication
Teagan O'Bar, James Madison University

The WRTC Graduate Symposium brought together 20 participants from eight universities to discuss the broad theme "Communication in the 21st Century: Obstacles and Opportunities."

Student presentations included discussions about activism and new communication technologies; visual rhetoric, consumerism and popular culture; the challeneges of intercultural communication in a global democracy; and the rhetorical nature of scientific and medical communication.

The keynote addess was given by Dr. James Dubinsky, associate professor of English at Virginia Tech, who spoke on "Rhetoric, Engagement, and the Promise of Democracy."

Images from the Graduate Symposium

dubinsky attendees
Keynote Speaker Dr. James Dubinsky Attendees during the afternoon break
students1 linn
WRTC Graduate Alumn Mr. Raphael Perrino (left), WRTC graduate student Ms. Nicole Lee (center) and WRTC graduate student Ms. Lindsay Cannaday Dean of the Graduate School Dr. Reid Linn (left), Associate Vice Provost for Cross Disciplinary Studies Dr. AJ Morey (center) and Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Letters Professor Dietrich Maune
burton students2
WRTC Director Dr. Larry Burton WRTC graduate students Ms. Lindsay Deliman (left), Ms. Brandi Mooring (center) and Mr. Bret Zawilski