2010 e-Vision Awards Ceremony blue line

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2009-2010 e-Vision editors

  • Eric Bock
  • Cody Callahan
  • Gina Gretta
  • Leslie Haase
  • Afroza Hossain
  • Mike Kern
  • Stephanie Leffke
  • Paul Loman
  • Alana Massey
  • Christine Mulquin
  • Ashleigh Oszust
  • Cassie Potler
  • Chris Richardson
  • Elizabeth Short
  • Tori Starke
  • Martin Steger
  • Abby Ware

The e-Vision awards ceremony showcases the writing of WRTC 100 and GWRTC 103 students. Under the sponsorship of WRTC faculty members Ms. Heather Comfort, Mr. Kevin Jefferson and Ms. Karen McDonnell, student editors select essays representing some of the best writing produced in JMU's first-year writing courses.

This year, e-Vision editors selected the work of nine students for recognition:

Their works are published in the e-Vision online journal.

Images from the e-Vision Awards Ceremony

Editor Mr. Chris Richardson (left), editor Ms. Elizabeth Short (center) and writer Ms. Julia Rice WRTC faculty member Ms. Karen McDonnell (left), editor Mr. Mike Kern (center) and writer Ms. Emily Keller.
editors christy
Some of the e-Vision editors at the awards ceremony Editor Mr. Martin Steger (left) and author Mr. Nicholas P. Christy